Associated Press Reports: Luxe Leasing is Chic

by Christopher 31. May 2011 14:14

Now Renting: Luxe Condos for the Global Rich: interesting article published today on Yahoo! Finace.  Apparently, renting is officially in vogue. 

That makes sense to us at the Foundation Rentals office - our office lines are ringing, our blackberries buzzing, our schedules packed.  Looking for rental in Marin?  Get in line.  Demand is up and supply is down.  So what does that mean for you if you are looking?  Check your credit, prepare your applications, and don't delay if you see a home for rent that you like. 

But that doesn't mean any property can put any price tag on itself. The homes that rent quickly (like this gorgeous home for rent in Tiburon my wife is signing tomorrow after seeing multiple applications) are the well done homes in above average condition with one or two great ammenities.   Like the luxury condos mentioned in the article, ammenities sell.  In Marin's case the "ammenities" are usally flat, grassy lawns, great schools, and well done, open kitchens.  Landlords, if your home needs paint, patching, cleaning, new windows, new it!  You'll see more interest and higher return in the long run.

Questions?  My team and I are in the office all week: (415) 507-9600.

Christopher Barrow, Broker Foundation Rentals and Relocation

P.S. It also never hurts to be nice to your local leasing agents who are working as hard as they can to return all these phone calls!


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