VIDEO: 34th Annual America's Cup Teams on the Bay

by Christopher Barrow 22. June 2011 11:41
With the teams on the way in and America's Cup housing questions coming in, excitment's in the air around September 2013!  Check out this video as the team's first few practice runs wrap up on the bay:

Have a home to list for rent in Marin or San Francisco for the America's Cup? Call meto discuss your options: (415) 895-0102.

Associated Press Reports: Luxe Leasing is Chic

by Christopher 31. May 2011 14:14

Now Renting: Luxe Condos for the Global Rich: interesting article published today on Yahoo! Finace.  Apparently, renting is officially in vogue. 

That makes sense to us at the Foundation Rentals office - our office lines are ringing, our blackberries buzzing, our schedules packed.  Looking for rental in Marin?  Get in line.  Demand is up and supply is down.  So what does that mean for you if you are looking?  Check your credit, prepare your applications, and don't delay if you see a home for rent that you like. 

But that doesn't mean any property can put any price tag on itself. The homes that rent quickly (like this gorgeous home for rent in Tiburon my wife is signing tomorrow after seeing multiple applications) are the well done homes in above average condition with one or two great ammenities.   Like the luxury condos mentioned in the article, ammenities sell.  In Marin's case the "ammenities" are usally flat, grassy lawns, great schools, and well done, open kitchens.  Landlords, if your home needs paint, patching, cleaning, new windows, new it!  You'll see more interest and higher return in the long run.

Questions?  My team and I are in the office all week: (415) 507-9600.

Christopher Barrow, Broker Foundation Rentals and Relocation

P.S. It also never hurts to be nice to your local leasing agents who are working as hard as they can to return all these phone calls!


CBS Reports: Affordable Rentals Becoming Scarce In The Bay Area

by Christopher 28. April 2011 04:50

Here at Foundation Rentals, we are definitely feeling the upward pressure on rental rates.  Supply is low this rental season and demand high.  We found a CBS reporter shooting footage of one of our "for rent" signs in Peaock Gap and I stopped to chat.  Our feelings on the current market were the same.

CBS reports Hessam Nadji with the Walnut Creek-based real estate firm Marcus and Millichap: "We've had a lot of people displaced from home ownership that are coming back into the rental market," Nadji said. "And the rental market in the past four or five years has not had too much new supply added. Therefore, the vacancies have dropped and the rental rates have begun to go up much faster than anyone anticipated."

So what does this mean for you?  If you're a tenant searching for a home for rent in Marin and you have a $4k - $6k budget, are looking for a nice, sunny, flat street in a good school district, join the crowd.  Get your application ready, be proactive in your search, and be prepared to jump on the right home when you see it.  If you're a landlord with a home for rent in Marin - the market is strong, but don't get a head of yourself.  Homes still need to be priced in line with the market and they absolutely must be cleaned and in top condition to get top dollar. 

Looking for advice?  My team and I specialize in Marin homes for rent.  Call or our office anytime at (415) 507-9600.

Christopher Barrow


Foundation Rentals and Relocation

Read the original CBS article here.

Marin Homes for Rent Moving Quickly!

by Christopher 28. March 2011 07:01

It has been a busy end to March for homes for rent in Marin and the Foundation Rental and Relocation agents! Last week our team closed nine rentals in 7 days.  We helped a $6,900 home rent in San Rafael, $4,500 home rent in Kentfield, three homes lease just under $3k in central Marin, a $4,650 and $6,995 home rent in Mill Valley and a $5,950 home rent in Sausalito...whew!

Who's next?

We're the top rental team in Marin and we'd love to help.  If you are looking to hire a rental or relocation agent in Marin call our office anytime: (415) 507-9600.

Here Comes Spring: Hot Rental Homes Coming to Marin this Season

by Christopher 4. March 2011 13:21

Spring is almost here in Marin and the home rental market is heating up.  We had a busy February with several rentals deals coming together off-market.   We've got some great new listings coming this month - a 4,000+/- sq ft home near downtown Mill Valley for $15k, a sunny, hillside home in Winship park in Ross for $4500, and a new luxury Tiburon rental at 8 Hillcrest just listed for $12,000 per month with a wine cellar and movie room.

We've also got some exciting new programs coming to our company this spring - stay tuned!

My team and I specialize in the Marin rental market - call or visit us online anytime at

Christopher Barrow



Foundation Rentals Listing Featured in SF Chronicle's "What You Can Rent" Column

by Christopher 30. January 2011 08:35

As one of the Bay Area's top resources for rentals in Marin, my team and I were contacted by the San Francisco Chronicle this month to see if we had any "interesting" homes for rent in Marin.  The answer is always "Yes!".  We submit two or three of our current favorites.  Below see the link to the home they selected to feature: our new 3bd+bd listing on Sunnyside, a fresh Craftsman remodel just a stone's throw from downtown Mill Valley, available for lease at $7,995 per month. 

See the article here: What You Can Rent in the Bay Area for $8,000

If you read the comments from around the country below the article they are pretty funny: no one can seem to believe anyone actually rents a home for $8,000/month (even though the mortgage on a $2 million to $3 million home would easily cost a buyer $15k or more per month)...I wonder what they would have said if the columist had selected one of our $4 million or $5 million listings that rent for $12k and up?  Such is the price we pay for life in Marin - but that's another story.  The featured home is one of my personal favorites and is shown by appointment. More info about the property can be seen at

Happy Sunday, Marin!

Christopher Barrow


Foundation Rentals and Relocation, Inc


Unique $7,000 Luxury Rental in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood

by Christopher 9. December 2010 06:36

If you are considering San Francisco as well in your rental home search, consider checking out this unique luxury property for rent in Upper/Castro and Noe neighborhoods.

Here is the virtual tour for this custom home for rent - check it out and let me know what you think!

And here is the main website for this San Francisco rental:

Located just blocks from public transportation, parks and great restaurants, this home is really worth viewing if you're considering renting in this neighborhood.

Christopher Barrow, Broker

(415) 507-9600

Marin Rental Company in the News! That's us!

by Christopher 22. November 2010 04:15

As we've launched our new Marin rental company at Foundation Rentals and Relocation this year, this holiday season my wife Darcy and I are especially thankful for the love and support we've had from our friends, family and our colleagues and clients here in Marin.  It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of rentals and a growing business, but when the San Francisco Chronicle intervewied us for this piece last month, we were reminded yet again how lucky we are to be here and to be healthy.

A big thank you to Louise at the San Francisco Chronicle for asking great questions and writing such a nice piece about us:

Happy Thanksgiving, Marin and SF!

Christopher Barrow, Broker

Foundation Rentals and Relocation, Inc


Home Ownership in Marin - A Dying Dream?

by Christopher 11. October 2010 04:24

I recently read an article in a September issue of Time magazine about America's dying dream, home ownership. But does this hold true in Marin? 

I forwarded the article to my younger brother who, after becoming a San Rafael fire fighter is really amped on the idea of owning his own home.   Who can blame him? Owning a home has been ingrained in us since we were kids. It is an opportunity to invest in your future and the future of your family all while providing a sanctuary for you grow memories around birthdays, holidays and family get togethers. It is an opportunity to increase the equity in your "nest egg" so you can retire and grow old without worry of having a place to live or finances.  Additionally, American home ownership comes with billions of dollars of tax credits every year you simply can't get with a rental in Marin.

Then there's the emotional reward.  When you buy a house you also get a degree of independence - no longer do you have to get permission to re-paint a room, plant a garden, knock out a wall etc. Thriving neighborhoods are symbolic of a thriving job market and stable households and good schools- who wouldn't want to be in that club?

At least that was what we were taught. The reality these days appears much more grim.

The fact is, home ownership/ the home lending industry has placed a multi trillion dollar burden on US citizens and the foreclosure rate is sky rocketing. People got into the housing market with great hopes of building their future only to find out that they were spending too much of their income to own a house that is losing value everyday. People are walking away from their houses at an alarming rate, creating a vicious cycle of short sales, challenging purchase processes (short sales can take as long as 6 months to a year to complete) and epic price devaluation in neighborhoods across the nation.

Have I re-thought owning a house?

Yes, but not in ways you may think. I still want to buy a house with my wife, but will do it in way which is financially responsible for us. My take is that irresponsible credit lending practices combined with that "American dream" desire to own a home no matter what got us into this mess. It was far too easy for people to get their hands on money that they, for all intents and purposes, couldn't afford.

My strategy will employ the grit and patience that my grandparents had and focus on where we want to live,  buy what we can afford, support the neighborhood we live in and plan on staying a while.  I'm advising my brother to do the same - I'll keep you posted what he decides to do.  For now, it's Marin rentals for the both of us!

My team and I specialize in the Marin rental market and are happy to assist anytime:

Christopher Barrow

Broker, Foundation Rentals and Relocation

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New Marin Rental COMING SOON: Looking for a fabulous outdoor entertaining space?

by Christopher 6. October 2010 04:47

This new Marin rental coming soon in Novato offers:


-outdoors bbq kitchen

-huge yard

-hot tub

...and a luxury home to boot.  Listing at $4500 per month.  Call our local rental office today to hear about this new rental coming soon.  (415) 507-9600.  We are Marin's expert rental team!


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