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by Joscelyne Alkus 25. February 2010 04:38

Finding a great rental Marin County...where do you start?  We get so many calls every day from tenants looking for great rentals out here in the North Bay, and everyone wants the same thing: a great house, a nice yard, and an easy location for commute and close to town!  And everyone wants to know how to find this!

So what is the best way to find such a great property for rent in Marin?

The first is, unless you have an unlimited budget, be prepared to compromise.  While there are a lot of rentals available at any given time in Marin, they vary in quality.  Some are dated from the 70's, some are built into hillsides and don't have much yard, and some are just not what you happen to be looking for.  We like to say that every house is somebody's hopes!  But the key to finding your best match lies in your willingness to compromise.  Maybe the yard isn't quite as large as you imagined, but the location is great and the kitchen is gorgeous.  Or maybe the kitchen is dated, and the master bath leaves a lot to be desired, but the yard is flat and sunny and perfect for your either way, make your compromise and jump on it! 

The second tip for finding a great rental is to be patient.  We run into a lot of frustrated tenants who can't find what they are looking for, and blame the landlords or the agents.  Marin County rentals are no discount product, that's for sure, and we understand the frustration.  (And believe it or not, we feel your pain - we rent here too!)    Watch the market, ask questions about the rental market so you understand what you are paying for and why, and then when you see what you want, you'll know how to get it!

The final tip when searching for a Marin County Rental, though it may seem obvious, is to be nice.  When you apply for a house, you are applying for a relationship, and that goes both ways.  As a tenant you want to find a great landlord.  And a landlord wants to find a great tenant!

So keep your eyes open, be flexible, and be positive!  There are a lot of great Marin County Rental Properties out just may take some time to find the right one for you!

My team and I specialize in the Marin County Rental and are happy to help: call anytime! (415)507-9600.



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About the author

Born and raised in Malibu, CA, Marin rental agent Joscelyne Alkus has lived in the Bay Area for over four years.  She spent time in La Jolla, CA and Aspen, CO working in sales and customer service before settling in Marin. 

One of the founding team members at Foundation Rentals and Relocation, together with Broker Christopher Barrow and partner/sister Darcy Alkus Barrow, Joscelyne and the team specialize in leasing mid- to higher-end Marin properties. No sales: just rentals!! Joscelyne brings to the company excellent client satisfaction skills and a steady sense of calm to the often hectic world of rentals.

Now based out of Tiburon, in Joscelyne's spare time you'll find her exploring the many hiking and jogging trails of central Marin, or enjoying one of the county's many excellent waterfront restaurants. 

Feel free to contact Joscelyne anytime at

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