The Marin Rental Home Market Update: November 2010

The leaves are turning, the heat is on in our house and the rental market in Marin is gearing up for the last push before the holidays hit.  The rental team and I here at Foundation Rentals and Relocation in Marin have been scurrying to bring our new properties to market and wrap up our tenant clients and their searches so everyone can be settled before Thanksgiving weekend.

What does this mean for you and your rental in Marin?

If you're a tenant looking for a rental in Marin you have two choices right now: hussle up or sit tight.  If you need to move I'd advise doing so sooner rather than later.  In the rental business we often have a very busy late fall rental season, so while you may believe you are the only one looking this time of year, the hits on our website are still high and our phones are still ringing, which means Marin's tenants are on the hunt.  So hurry up and find your rental before all the good ones are gone this month! 

On the other hand, if you do not have to move, sometimes waiting until we are past the holidays can help you find a better deal.  The 4-6 weeks after Christmas are usually fairly slow for rentals in Marin, so if you're a tenant the middle of winter is the best time to negotiate a sweet deal. 

If you're a landlord in Marin, now is the time to check your prices and fill your vacancy.  Has your home been sitting on the market for more than 45 days?  If so, you're running a longer than average time on the market.  Ask yourself, have you done everything possible to market your home?  Do you have great photos?  Do you have a website?  Are you readily available to show the property?  If the answer is "no" to any of these questions you may want to consider hiring an agent (hint: US!) or upping your marketing plan.  The winter can be a slow time for rentals in Marin - make sure you find a great tenant before this holiday season!

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Darcy Alkus Barrow


November 12, 2010 09:03 by Darcy
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