2010: What's to Come for Marin Rentals?


Happy New Year, Marin!  After a very busy early December for Marin rentals and a traditional hear-the-crickets-chirp-quiet late December, Marin tenants are back and on the prowl for that elusive "perfect" rental.

January an be a funny month for Marin rentals.  Sometimes the start of a new year inspires folks to make changes in their lives, like upgrading or, as current trends may reflect, downsizing, their homes.  These sorts of changes can make our Marin rental office quite busy!  January also tends to be the busiest month for relocation and executives relocating to Marin for new jobs, which is great for rental business.  Sometimes we also see the pent up demand spill over from December, which can cause January to pan out as our biggest month of the year in some markets

But January can also stand stagnant for Marin rentals.  Sometimes houses just sit and sit on the rental market - even when they've seen remarkable price drops.  If the tenant demand isn't there, what can you do?

So what does this January look like for Marin rentals?

So far so good.  We at the Marin Leasing Team have several deals on the table - we actually closed several over the Christmas holiday.  (Hey, who doesn't love writing leases on Christmas Eve from their remote desktop connection while everyone else sings Christmas carols and frolicks in the snow?)  Our website was down for a week or so over the holidays due to a technical hardware failure that our tech team couldn't fix from afar, so that slowed our calls a bit.  (Apologies to everyone who called us unable to access the site!)

So what should Marin expect from 2010 for Marin rentals?

The short answer is, only time will tell.  A strong or weak market for Marin rentals in January does not quite carry much weight for predicting the rest of the year's market - unlike the weight some experts place on the stock market performace in January.  In economics, sometimes a strong January market can be an indicator of a strong market to come, likewise a weak January might cause some investors to panic. 

My advice to tenants on the hunt?  While you often have more negotiating power when the weather is dreary, don't overplay your hand.  Sometimes the competition can surprise you!  And landlords: if your house is vacant and has been for a while take advantage of this time and make some upgrades!  Well done houses in great condition and fairly priced always rent quickly.

My team and I specialize in Marin rentals and tenant relocation and are happy to help.  We offer a variety of services from property consultations for property owners to local relocation tours and packages for Marin's tenants.  Email us anytime!  da@jwavro.com


January 4, 2010 06:53 by Darcy
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