Marin's Leasing Season has officially arrived!

Ok, maybe the official arrival of Marin's "Leasing Season" isn't as exciting to everyone out there as it is to us, but to our Marin Leasing Team it is!  The Leasing Season is when we set our alarms a little earlier, drink an extra cup of coffee in the morning (and likely an extra martini at night!), and generally run all day long trying to keep up with our voicemails, emails and keep our appointments running on schedule...all the while negotiating leases, qualifying tenants, keeping our owners updated, our tenants in the loop, and making sure our contracts are air tight.

I'm kind of exhausted just thinking about it. :)

But this is how it works in the rental industry.  You go through a couple of slow weeks, then a couple of busy weeks most of the year where you work like a "normal" person, then about late April through about mid-August you work like a political adviser in October of election year, or a Trader Joes stockperson before the weekend shift.  Or maybe we just work like leasing agents.

How do we know that the leasing season has begun?  Is it the fact that Christopher and I dared to go out of town for a week (scouting wedding venues in Maui) and poor Joscelyne and our new assistsant Whitney were left here for nine days straight working from 6am until they passed out at night trying to keep up with all the phone calls and emails?  Do we know the season is here because the girls were so busy that Whitney threatened to quit each night?  That they were afraid to shower for fear of the phone calls piling up?

(If you met with either of them last week and saw the look of panic in their eyes when you asked to see more properties now you know why!) 

Well, the answer is yes (and we're thrilled they managed to both shower and not quit in our absence), but we all knew the season was here anyway because Marin is a family-based demographic.  Spring is when everyone looks and summer is when everyone moves.  So there you have it. 

So what does this mean if you're a local Marin landlord or tenant?

If you're a tenant, get packing because even in this slower market, the good rental properties come and go quickly and now that the leasing season is here you're gonna see some competition.  Yes, rents are lower than than they've been in the past, and yes, you can get a GREAT deal in Marin right now...but that doesn't mean you can offer 50% of a property's value and expect the landlord to accept the offer.  Research your options, be smart about your offer, and when you find a home you like, jump on it!

Landlords, rents are down and this is a fact.  If you are marketing your home at 2006 and 2007 prices don't be shocked when you don't even get a phone call.  Price your property properly the first time out the door and be prepared to clean and/or update your property and keep it competitive to attract the quality tenants.  They're out there, but they want a fair deal at today's rates.   Looking for help to get your property rented? If I weren't so modest I might say we're the best in town...but since I obviously am I'll leave it at call us at the office at 415.507.9600 if you want to chat.  :)

Good luck everyone! 



April 21, 2009 10:33 by Darcy
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