Marin County Ranks Among Highest Priced Zip Codes (Again!)

Feel like the price of Marin rentals is expensive?  How about taking a look at the price of our real estate! 

This year, 94920 has ranked (again) as one of America's most expensive zip codes.  Yahoo! Real Estate article said this week that Belvedere Tiburon ranks Number 8 in the country's most expensie zip codes.

What does this mean for the Marin county rental market? 

Well...the same thing it always does.  Yes, our rentals are expensive.  Sure an $8,000/month rental seems expensive - and don't get us wrong, it is! - but the cost of carrying that same home were you to take out a mortage would be much, much higher.

This fall looks to be a nicely balanced rental market, so we;re excited to get renting!

My team and I specialize in the Marin County rental market and are happy to help anytime.  (415) 507-9600.



October 1, 2010 05:19 by Darcy
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