The More Things Change....

by Christopher Barrow 2. April 2010 05:47
As in so many realms of American life today, the process of finding homes for rent in Marin calls for new tools and methods that weren't available even a dozen years ago. Many of the tried-and-true pathways our parents relied upon are no longer practical -- while others no longer even exist!


Yesteryear's preferred route for finding homes for rent - especially in relatively small comminuty like Marin - was simple: word-of-mouth. If any of the neighborhood's families were even thinking about putting up their homes for lease, Shirley down at the end of the block would be sure to know all about it. Later, families as became more mobile and communities less static, the neighborhood grapevine began to wither. Next the local real estate company's "for rent" sign in the front yard became the leading way to find homes for lease in Marin.


But in today's rapidly-shifting commercial and cultural environment, word-of-mouth is just about gone as the route to search out homes for rent, and the realty sign, while still a valuable advertising medium, has fallen to second or third place. The reasons are multifold, but many stem from the average 21st Century American's willingness to switch careers and the communities they call home.


A potential tenant looking for a Kentfield home for rent, for instance, may launch the search from a living room in Willow Springs, Missouri, where his firm's headquarters are located. Shirley at the end of the block no longer knows which homes in Kentfield are up for lease, and even if she did, she's never even heard of Willow Springs. Homes for rent in Sausalito might draw a hot lead from Dayton or Dubuque when a Ohioan's grandchild is accepted for a new job in San Francisco – well removed from the sign in the Californian landlord's front yard.


Marin homes for rent can now even pop up on mobile devices. The 'Homes for Rent' apps for cell phones, iPads, even iPod Touch users are emerging in markets large and small. Coupled with geo-location capabilities in some of the devices, a search can be narrowed or widened, mapped or redrawn with the push of a button or two.


All this is true and noteworthy, and has changed the process of finding Marin homes for rent almost beyond recognition. But despite all the pace of change and head-spinning technical developments available to the potential house-hunting public, there still remains a not at all replaceable human component.


Identifying some prospective homes for rent is one thing, but finding all of them is quite another. And identifying the ones that fit a variety of specific requirements is quite another still. In this respect, no engineer has quite been able to duplicate the services of a reliable and knowledgeable real estate professional, whose business it is to be familiar inside and out with the homes for rent in the entire area, and how best to deal with state, city, and local neighborhood ins and outs.

The more things change, the more some things remain stubbornly the same!

Looking for help with your Marin home for rent?  Relocating and need guidance?  My team and I specialize in th Marin rental and are happy to help.  Call our Marin Leasing Office anytime: (415) 507-9600.

Happy Easter!




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Even as the owner of the company, Christopher works every end of the Marin rental spectrum from one bedroom apartments for $1,000 to high-end, executive-style rentals renting anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000+ a month.  A working relationship with Christopher brings round the clock dedication and true client focus.  

When not working--which is rare if you ask his friends and family--Christopher spends his time at the Bay Club in Corte Madera, or at home in San Rafael with his wife and their two dogs and cat, enjoying all the great outdoor life Marin has to offer.

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