Marin Rental Agencies - How to Select Your Agent

by Christopher 19. July 2010 04:45

As the broker at our new rental agency - the Marin Rental Group at Foundation Rentals and Relocation - I encounter this question almost every day from new potential landlord clients. Once a property owner has decided to list with a Marin rental agency, the question becomes which one?  By the time I meet with a client, they've usually already googled us, checked out our websites, and are already interested in hearing more - which is a great thing.  We love to see owners out there doing their homework. 

But the question that comes next is: why you?

We have a lot of answers to that question - just ask my partner/wife Darcy who is a fountain of information about the Marin rental market, and the pros and cons of our various competition: namely, who is doing what, why and for how long?  She likes to joke that she has all this otherwise useless information in her head about the Marin rental market and it's got nowhere to go but out.  The short answer is that we as a Marin rental agency are commited to raising the bar in the Marin rental market: we perform at a high level, working nights, weekends and holidays for our clients, consistently delivering executive-level service no matter how large or small the property.  We have high expectations of our agents, continually improving our marketing, our on-line presence, our networking, always growing and improving, thinking outside the box.  As such, we tend to set the trends in the local market, and we like to think, raise the standards for Marin rental agencies.

The most common mistake we see from Marin rental property owners?  Hiring a rental agent who does not know the local Marin rental market.  An agent new to Marin, or who perhaps is very experienced renting properties in San Francisco but doesn't know Ross from Ross Valley, or an agent who primarily sells real estate - rather than rent it - are the easy qualifying questions to spot.  It doesn't mean this agent is a bad agent - but if you're serious about your rental property, you do need to list with a Marin rental agency that knows the ever-changing Marin rental market.  It may not seem like a big deal, but experience and local market knowledge can be the difference between another 30 days on the market or not - and that can be a big deal.

At Foundation Rentals and Relocation we're in this business for the long haul: we want everyone to succeed.  As a Marin rental agency, we're here to build successful relationships with our clients, our tenants, and yes, with our competitors.  So if you want to know what your Marin rental agency is doing well (and what they're not doing!), give us a call and we'll be happy to offer advice.  Our goal is to see the Marin rental market handled by professionals, whether it's our rental agency or another, becuase at the end of the day working with other professionals makes our job easier!   

Have questions about Marin rental agencies?  Looking help with your Marin rental property?  My team and I specialize in the Marin County Rental Home and are happy to chat anytime: or call our office (415) 507-9600.


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